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Our Story

b4Adventure launched in 2011 in Denver, Colorado when Founder and Owner Ed O'Brien pursued the opportunity to marry his two greatest passions - family and outdoor adventure.

As a father of three young kids at the time, any activity to get them outdoors was a priority to him and his wife. Growing up, "dare to be different" was a mantra Ed's family lived by. So he decided to build a business doing just that, creating a niche in backyard adventure that had yet to exist.

In 2012 b4Adventure brought backyard ziplines to market and in 2015, the patented Ninjaline was born. Today the two products have been delivered to half a million consumers worldwide.

b4Adventure has grown into an international manufacturer of 4 brands with a catalog of nearly 200 products. Our family of brands includes Slackers, American Ninja Warrior, Playzone-Fit and 4Fun; and has something to offer every level of adventurer, from toddler stage all the way through to adulthood.

In January 2020, b4Adventure joined forces with Plum Play to distribute modern play structures and outdoor play products across the U.S.

We believe great things happen when kids play outside and meet adventure head on! We are committed to making it easy for kids of all ages to get outdoors, stay active and have fun while doing it!

We believe in

Playing Outside

Playing outside brings the imagination alive. The more kids play outside at a young age, the more likely they are to continue to get enough fresh air and vitamin D as an adult.


Adding adventurous outdoor activities support a well-rounded healthy lifestyle, both mentally and physically.

Making Memories

Play together, laugh together and share memories for a lifetime together.

Daring to be Different

We create unique products that keep kids interested in staying active, reaching new limits and wanting to try new things.

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