General Product Inquiries +

I received a damaged/broken product or I am missing parts for my product.
What actions can I take to resolve this?

Please send an email with pictures of the damaged/broken items or a list of missing parts to info@b4adventure.com. Please be sure to include a photo of the damaged part or a receipt for the missing as well as your shipping address for us to send the replacement. With this information on hand, we should be able to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently.

What does the product warranty entail?

Our products come with a 1 year workmanship warranty. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or element damage (i.e. leaving product set up outside all the time). If you receive a defective product, please send an email with pictures and your proof of purchase toinfo@b4adventure.com and we will look into it further.  

What steps do I take if my item is missing parts/hardware?

Due error during manufacturing, there may occasionally be a case where one of our items are missing parts, pieces or hardware. We want you to be able to properly set up your product and have it up and running smoothly without having to compromise safety or functionality. Before returning your product, please call us at 303-339-0482 OR e-mail us at info@b4adventure.com. We take pride in our customer service and are happy to ship you the necessary parts to complete your kit.

Playzone-fit Kidtrix Doorway Swing +

For a more detailed outline of tips and tricks to make setting up your kidtrix quick and easy, check out our Kidtrix Tips and How To's blog!

How do I expand the doorway bar to fit my doorway?

When you first remove the doorway bar from the box, it will be in it's smallest and most condensed form. You will want to twist the bar at the outer edges to unroll the extension pieces until it fits your frame.

It may feel tight since it has never been expanded, but give it some elbow grease, and both sides should expand! If you are having trouble expanding one side, you can use pliers to get a better grip.

Am I able to close my door with the Kidtrix set up?

The gravity wedge system is what holds the weight on the bar. The wedge sits where the door would normally close. The door cannot close when the gravity wedge is in that space.

Good news is that the Kidtrix system can be taken down quickly! Once you have installed the Kidtrix the first time, you can remove it from the doorway in a matter of seconds. Simply loosen the bar, loosen the vice grips and remove from the doorway.

I am unsure if I installed the doorway bar properly. How can I tell that the brackets are secure?

If the "Up" arrows are facing upwards, the bar is fully extended to fit your frame, and the vice grips are locked, the bar should be installed properly. Before giving the kids the greenlight to play and swing, test the bar yourself to ensure it remains in place.

A parent should hang from the bar using their hands and lightly swing through the door frame before a child ever applies weight. If the parent sees any separation of the doorframe (usually in the corners), they should readjust the bar and try again. A small adjustment to the frame is normal, but should not continue after the first uses.

The doorway bar puts extreme pressure on the frame, so it is very important to make sure you are using a strong doorframe.

Can I set up the accessories on my doorway bar I use to work out so I do not have to switch them out?

The short answer is NO! The Kidtrix Doorway bar contains unique mechanics, hardware and quality that helps to withstand the weight and swinging motions that happen during use of these accessories.

A standard pull up bar is designed to withstand ONLY vertical weight, ie pulling straight down. Once you add in the perpendicular motion of swinging through a door frame, a standard pull up bar becomes un safe.

Most pull up bars only brace on one side of the door frame or the door jamb, so they are safe to swing one way, but not the other. As you swing through the doorframe onto the other side, the bar can pull away and cause a serious fall.

Our patented Kidtrix system uses the door jamb and a vice grip so that any way you swing, you are completely safe.

How do I assemble the hammock?

When you receive the hammock, you will need to cut the string or zip tie that is holding each black loop together. This is to prevent the black loop from going inside the sleeve of the hammock. If the loop does go through the sleeve, don’t worry. You can just feed it back through (just like a drawstring that pulls through a hoodie).

Then, take one black loop and place it through the other. Then pull tight to create a large loop to hang the hammock from. This is where you will place the included carabiner. The carabiner then attaches to the black daisy chain strap that is around the Kidtrix bar.

The hammock is to be attached to the daisy chain using the included safety delta clips. After deciding which loop in the chain makes sense for your desired hammock height, use the safety delta clip to lock both the hammock strap and daisy chain loop inside of the clip.

If you hang an accessory high up on the daisy chain, you can roll the chain up and secure the leftover strap with the Velcro.

What are the D-Rings and what are they used for?

The D-Rings, pictured below, are meant to secure the daisy chain straps to the bar. Some customers have mistaken the D-rings to be the point of attachment for the accessories and delta clips. This is incorrect and causes serious safety concern as the D-Rings are not meant to directly bear the weight of the child.

Which part of the system do I attach the hammock delta clips to?

The accessory delta clips will be attached to your desired loop on the daisy chain. Please make sure that your final set up does not consist of the delta clip attached to the D-Rings as this is incorrect and may cause serious safety concerns.

Slackers Build-A-Branch +

What size tree will the Build-A-Branch work with?

The ratchet strap for the top bracket is 7’ long which will fit a tree with a diameter between 12-24” (37.6” circumference – 75.3” circumference).

The bottom ratchet strap you will receive is 20 feet long! Keep in mind that in order to set the BAB up safely and successfully, the bottom strap must be wrapped around the tree TWO times with just a bit of strap left over to be able to tighten the ratchet securely. 

For more Information on the Build-A-Branch - check out our Tips, Tricks, and How to Blog.

Slackers Ninjaline +

We'd like to set up a separate line near the base of our trees/posts for feet to rest on when using the Ninjaline. What do you recommend?

One of our Slacklines would be best for this type of set up. The Slacklines are made of the same material and feature the same ratchet system as the Ninjalines for ease of installation and adjustment. We also offer our ropes course, which is the only kit that includes both a top and bottom line. Click Here for more info on one of our more popular Slackline sets!

What length Ninjaline/Slackline should I buy and how is this determined?

You'll need to measure the circumference of both trees in your set up and add that to the distance between the two trees. You always want to purchase more line than necessary so that you can use the extra slack to tighten and secure your line. Too much line is not an issue as we provide special ratchet covers that fasten securely around the ratchet and excess line. Here is a helpful took to help you calculate the course:

Circumference of Tree #1 + Circumference of Tree #2 + Distance between Tree #1 and Tree #2.

What do I do if I purchased a kit and the line is not long enough for my course?

Not enough line can cause you to run into issues that can sometimes be solved with the help of one of our customer service representatives, but not always. It is best to know the total dimensions of your trees and the course length before making a purchase. One solution for a Ninjaline that is not long enough is to purchase a 15' Ninjaline Extension.

What if my trees are too big for the 6' ratchet strap I got with my Ninjaline?

We offer a 10' ratchet strap (SLA.818) sold separately on our website. If the longer ratchet straps are not available, or you are in need of a quick fix, use the diagram below that shows how you are able to use excess line from the mainline to help reach all the way around the large tree:

Can the Ninjaline be set up indoors in a garage or basement?

Yes, however, we recommend consulting with an engineer or contractor to determine the "side load" strength of your two points of attachment. Some Ninja families have even found ways to install the hanging obstacles directly into a ceiling so no line is needed! We love to see our customers become creative, but whatever your idea is for an indoor Ninjaline, remember to consult with an expert on the safest way to install.

What is the difference between the Slackline and Ninjaline?

Though the Slackline and Ninjaline are both made of the same material and feature the same ratchet system to attach to trees or posts, that's where the similarities end. The Slackline is designed to be mounted just a few feet above the ground for the purpose of balancing on as one walks across.

The Ninjaline is meant to be mounted higher up off the ground and features integrated sewn in pockets designed to fit the delta clips which are used to attach the Ninja obstacles. If you are looking to create a Ninja obstacle course, we recommend purchasing the Ninjaline because of the integrated obstacle pockets. With our new Ninja Grip Clips that create pockets, you can turn your slackline into a Ninjaline!

Can I hang a swing from my Ninjaline?

If you want to attach an obstacle that allows you to swing, or attach an actual swing, we strongly recommend that you reinforce your Ninjaline with our Ninjaline Protective Sleeves. These sleeves reduce the friction of the 2 pieces of material rubbing against each other during use.

A swinging (perpendicular) motion on the Ninjaline will combine with the lateral tension of the ratchet and create an unsafe Ninjaline. Over time, the material can fray and may break unless you protect your friction points.

Slackers Zipline +

What length Zipline should I buy and how is this determined?

You'll need to measure the circumference of both trees in your set up and add that to the distance between the two trees. It is better to overestimate the length of cable you will need as there are no extensions for the zipline as there are fort he Ninjaline. In the case of excess cable, you can cut off the extra that you're left with or wrap it safely around the tree should you need more cable to set it up in the future in a larger space.

Zipline turnbuckle: How is it installed and what end of the Zipline does it attach to?

The turnbuckle is a more recent addition to select Ziplines. It has been thoroughly tested to work at both ends of the line. To install the turnbuckle, simply attach one eye bolt to one of the looped ends of the Zipline cable (either the pre-looped end or the loop that was made from theu-bolts.

Then, attach the other eye bolt end of the turnbuckle to the 2 loops from the sling cable that wraps around the opposite tree. Twist the turnbuckle to fine-tune the overall tightness of the Zipline course as well as adjust for stretching of the cable that will occur over time.

What if I am having trouble tightening the cable enough with the turnbuckle?

In order to tighten the zipline with ease and success, you must follow this order of installation. Set up the turnbuckle + sling cable end first, attach the U-Clamps to the loop on the opposite tree (make that loop as tight as you can!), and then use the turnbuckle to tighten even more.

The second and easiest option, which happens to be our favorite, is the Zip Quick Ratchet Installation. This makes tightening the cable easier than ever and simplifies the installation so much that you could even do it alone!

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