70' Zipline with Spring Brake and ZIP QUICK RATCHET

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  • Combination 70' (80' total cable length) Zipline and Spring brake kit!
  • New compression 5.25 steel spring braking system is a great addition to your backyard zipline! 
  • 2 adults following our thorough instructions can set up the zipline in less than an hour!
  • Safe: High grade steel trolley with locking screw to hand grips for added durability.
  • 200lbs Max weight.
Bonus Features
  • SIMPLE to install. Wrap the 6ft ratchet strap around the tree. Attach the hook on the end of the 12ft line to the zipline cable. Connect and ratchet tight to install your zipline in a safe and easy manner
  • QUICK-ZIP system means you can set up your zipline in minutes with only 1 person. You can also take down the zipline easily when not in use. This means your zipline will last longer and you control when it's used.
More Info

It only takes two trees and the spirit of adventure to start zipline in the back yard all while riding a just a few feet off the ground. Install with confidence knowing the #1 U.S. Zipline company has time tested, high grade components for strength, reliability and longevity and full warranty policy. Follow the directions and your zipline will be set up in 30 minutes. Series Kit Zip Spring provides an easy end to an exhilarating ride. Our extra-long 5.25’ long powder coated steel spring is made for use all of our Slackers Ziplines. The rubberized stoppers at each end protect the line, the trolley and the rider with a smooth finish. This kit includes the Quick Zip Ratchet system to be used in place of the turnbuckle for a quick, easy, and seamless installation.

What's in the box?
  • 75' main cable
  • 5' sling cable
  • 10' Adjustable rope seat
  • Spring Brake System
  • Turnbuckle and Set of UBolts for securing the cable
  • Quick Zip Ratchet System