Rainy Day Bundle

  • Two Playzone-fit products bundled together to keep kids active indoors for extended periods of time: kidtrix™ Deluxe Doorway System and Double Maze Board
  • Kidtrix Deluxe Doorway System
    • Indoor swing, hammock and monkey bar set for kids’ indoor active play
    • Doorway bar with lightweight swing that installs in any compatible doorway in 5 minutes
    • The deluxe set includes the doorway bar with three attachments:
      • Adjustable height mesh swing
      • Lightweight hammock
      • Monkey bar with handles
    • No hardware needed to install – just gravity,
      • Bar is held in place on the door frame with a patented gravity wedge system and vice grips, meaning it can be taken down and put back up as often as need in minutes
    • Grips use soft, non-marking material to secure in the door frame without damage
    • Hanging straps are adjustable for kids of all heights
    • Storage bag for swing and hammock are included
    • When it’s not in use, any attached accessory can slide to the side of the bar to gain full access to your doorway
    • Compatible with any standard wooden door frame with the correct door jamb width (see More Info for measurements)
    • Holds up to 150 lbs
    • Ages 3+
  • Double Maze Balance Board
    •  Use your feet or your hands
    • Changeable maze board with 3 balls
    • For ages 3+
More Info

The Rainy Day Bundle combines two popular indoor active play toys into one kit to help get your at home active play system started or add even more fun to your current play system! This bundle includes both the Kidtrix Deluxe Doorway System and the Double Maze Balance Board and is the perfect combination to keep the kids active when stuck indoors! They can swing, relax in the hammock, exercise on the monkey bar, or challenge their balance and concentration skills on the double maze board! Create even more of a challenge by setting up a course with each item and setting goals!

Specs + Material
  • Kidtrix Deluxe Doorway System
    • No hardware necessary for assembly/installation
    • Deluxe system includes:
      • One (1) mesh swing- 4’ long x 1’ wide
      • One (1) hammock swing- 42” long x 48” wide
      • One (1) Gym ring monkey bar with rubber handles for easy grip- 18” long x 20” wide
    • Adjustable metal bar for doorways: 26”-35”
    • Gravity wedge system with 2 vice grips to secure in doorway frame
    • 2 hanging straps with adjustable height options- 16” long x 1” wide
    • Included storage bags for swing and hammock

PLZ.607-Double Maze Board

PLZ.647: Playzone-fit Kidtrix Deluxe Doorway Swing