Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag


Product image 1Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag
Product image 2Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag
Product image 3Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag
Product image 4Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag
Product image 5Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag
Product image 6Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag
Product image 7Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag

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This set of 3 is the perfect versatile game play for younger kids to help build hand-eye coordination and for older children to test their skills and compete with their friends. Each piece pops up every 3-5 seconds and challenges kids to focus on keeping them down!

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