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Ninjaline™ Pro Kit

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Ninjaline™ Pro Kit Features:
  • Learn to train like a Ninja Warrior, create your own backyard gym
  • Build core and overall strength and increase self confidence
  • Convenient and portable, take to the park or on a camping trip with including storage bookbag
  • Ninja Training with 7 professional grade obstacles: 3-pc 2.5”dia Poly resin Ninja Balls, 2-pc 2.5”x 4”Poly resin Ninja Cones, 2-pc 1.25” diameter x 7.75” Poly resin Ninja pipes. All include webbing straps and delta carabiners
  • 6,000lbs strength professional Ninjaline/ Slackline includes 14 pockets, reinforced ratchet with TPR handles. Hang 36' x 2" between 2 posts or healthy trees
  • Ages 5+, Max weight 250 lbs; Adult supervision required
  • Ninjaline® means quality and safety. Add more to your Ninja system with additional obstacles
More Info

Train like a Ninja with our patented Slackers® NinjaLine® Pro Kit with 7 Hanging Obstacles. Our Ninjaline® allows the versatility of moving the obstacles further apart as your skills improve as well as includes obstacles that vary in skill level. Change up the order of the obstacles to create endless training patterns. Easy installation and take down means that you can take your training with you camping, to a friend’s house, or wherever you need to train. Includes bookbag storage bag for easy portability and storage. We use 30’ x 2” 6,000lb professional slackline webbing so the Ninjaline® can be used as Slackline to help build your balance and agility. Our exclusive ratchet has reinforced steel and the handle has a comfort TPR rubberized grip. Our sewn pockets are complete double length for extra durability. Pro kit has 14 sewn in pockets so you can space your included obstacles out for more difficulty or add more to your line. We’ve worked with real ninja’s to develop obstacles in varying shapes with varying difficulty. We use the same poly resin used for climbing holds for good grip and durability. Obstacles include: 3-pc 2.5”dia Poly resin Ninja Balls. Excellent for building forearm and upper body strength. Their 2.5” diameter works great for a variety of hand sizes. 2-pc 2.5”x 4”Poly resin Ninja Cones. Also excellent for building forearm and upper body strength, their cone shape provides an easier grip point and their ability to rotate makes them easier on your tendons and shoulders. 2-pc 1.25” diameter x 7.75” Poly resin Ninja pipes. The pipes vertical shape is great for developing pinch strength. Their smaller diameter allows the entire hand to engage, providing stability while training. All obstacles include UV resistant heavy duty webbing straps and 6,000lb steel delta safety carabiners. Look for the Ninjaline® logo for guaranteed quality and product that meets top safety standards. Hang between 2 posts or healthy trees. The Ninjaline® was designed for versatility.  



What's in the box?
  • 6,000lbs strength professional Ninjaline/ Slackline with14 pockets
  • 7 professional grade obstacles
  • Delta carabiner clips