Ninjaline™ Ninja Fists Obstacle

SKU: SLA.795

Regular price $9.99 Sale price $12.99

Ninja Fists Features:

    • Excellent for building forearm and upper body strength
    • Compatible with 36' and 56' Ninjailnes
    • Soft, unique knot mimics a ball grip, for easy grip
  • Set of 2 12" hanging obstacles with 2 delta safety clips

TRAIN LIKE A NINJA! With the all NEW fun and challenging Ninja Fists hanging obstacle by Ninjaline. Kit comes with a set of 2. Build your forearm and upper body strength. Fists ability to rotate makes it easier on your tendons and shoulders. Designed to be used with Ninjaine Intro and Pro Kits; each sold separately. For ages 5+.


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