Swingline Deluxe
Swingline Deluxe
Swingline Deluxe
Swingline Deluxe
Swingline Deluxe
Swingline Deluxe
Swingline Deluxe

Swingline Deluxe

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Deluxe Swingline Features 
  • A pop-up swing set and playground for your backyard  
  • Perfect for younger kids who are ready to start building their strength 
  • Can be installed between two compatible trees in 30 minutes or less
  • Complete set includes:
    • One (1)  Ninjaline without pockets 
    • Two (2) mesh swings – one lime green, one purple
    • One (1) steel monkey bar
    • Two (2) Gym rings
    • One (1) Climbing Rope Swing with Disc Seat
    • Ten (10) Grip Clips
    • One (1) ratchet cover
  • Dual use line can be used with Grip Clips to hang obstacles, or as a slackline without obstacles
  • Additional obstacles can be added on the line using the extra grip clips
  • Ages 3+




Slackers is a Colorado-based company whose goal is to inspire children to get active and stay healthy. Whether it's testing their strength with the Gym Rings, soaring to new heights on the Classic Swing Seat, hanging around on the Monkey bars or multi color climbing rope, the Deluxe Swing Line is an excellent option for improving strength and balance while aiding in your child's overall development.

ACTIVE HEALTHY CHILDREN: With some of the challenges we have all experienced recently, we were able to see the true value of keeping our children active, fit and healthy. If you find yourself searching for an alternative to crowded parks or an avenue for your child to get active between schoolwork or after class, the slackers Deluxe Swing Line creates a fun at-home recess environment that will keep your child fit and healthy.

Installing the Deluxe Swing Line takes one adults an average of 30 minutes or less using the provided signature ratchet system.

Set Includes:1 slackers Ratchet Swing Line, 2 Classic Swing Seats, 2 Gym Rings,1 Multi-Colored Climbing Rope,1 Monkey Bar, 1 Ratchet Cover,1 Carry Bag

Specs: Weight Limit:250 lbs., Recommended Ages: 3+, The slackers Deluxe Swing Line kit meets or exceeds all strict US safety standards. Adult setup and Supervision is Required*

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