Finally, the Treehouse of every child's dreams!

Slackers Adventure Treehouse is the missing
piece to finishing your childs' backyard adventure wonderland!

Weight Tested

Recommended weight
capacity is 500 pounds

(Safety tested to hold up to 1,500
and ASTM Safety Certified)


Quick Installation

Installation requires 2 adults
and takes approximately
2-4 hours

Fits Standard Trees

Attaches to any tree
with a 12' - 24' diameter, and requires
7 feet of straight tree trunk
(free from branches)

UV Resistant Material

Tear resistant and UV resistant material creates a longer product life

Frequently Asked Questions about Slackers Adventure Treehouse

How much weight does it hold?

The Adventure Treehouse holds up to 500 pounds and can fit 3-4 children inside at one time (depending on the size of the children).

The Adventure Treehouse was designed for children ages 5 and up.

How can the quality be preserved?

Removing the treehouse from your tree during inclement weather is advised to extend the product's life.

Will it harm our tree?

The treehouse will not harm your tree.

What additional tools do I need to install the Adventure Treehouse?

You will need an 8 foot ladder and a measuring tape.

Optional: if you choose to screw your side brackets into the tree, you will need wood screws.

How do I install the Adventure Treehouse?

You can download full installation instructions for the Adventure Treehouse here and watch the video below to understand how the treehouse is installed.