Slackers Build-A-Branch™

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Build-a-Branch Features
  • Turns any tree into a swing tree  
  • Create a tree branch with this steel frame on any healthy, compatible tree to hang a swing from 
  • Using our proprietary design of ratchet straps and steel frame, Build-a-Branch can be used on any tree with a trunk diameter of 12” - 24" 
  • The 360-degree spinning swivel attachment connects the swing ropes at a single point to allow for full motion turning 
  • Assembly is easy and takes approximately 30 minutes to install 
  • All parts needed for installation are included 
  • Because of the simple ratchet system, Build-a-Branch can be taken down quickly for storage as needed  
  • Swing sold separately 
  • Holds up to 500lbs 
  • Ages 3+ 


More Info

No branch? No problem!

Build-a-Branch allows you to turn more trees into a swing tree! Gone are the days of depending on a specific type of tree branch to hang a swing in the backyard for the kids (or you!). Nearly 50% of tree branches in front and back yards are not compatible to hang swings from – until now!  

Slackers Build-a-Branch is as simple and straightforward as its name, allowing you to create a strong tree branch that holds up to 500 pounds, on any healthy tree. The 360-degree swivel attachment allows kids to push and spin each other for non-stop fun and adventure in the yard! 

Installation takes 30-60 minutes with its easy strap and ratchet system connecting at 2 points on the tree. The recommended installation process requires two adults, one 10 foot ladder, one hammer and a 12 foot measuring tape. Any swing hung from Build-a-Branch should hang 40” from the tree and be at least 24” off of the ground. 

Specs + Material 
  • Powder coated, weather-resistant steel frame 
  • 6000 pound break strength with steel buckle and 2” webbing
  • Compatible with tree trunks 12-24" in diameter 
  • 360-degree swivel attachment 
  • Any swing used should hang at least 40” away from the tree and be at least 24” off of the ground
  • Holds up to 500 pounds 
  • Ages 3+ 

SLA.303: Slackers Build-a-Branch 


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