Playzone-Fit Balance Blox Quad Kit

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Playzone-Fit Balance Blox Quad Kit Features:

  • Portable slackline for younger children building up their balancing skills
  • Can be expanded and arranged in multiple layouts to keep it challenging
  • Supports kids' concentration and body control skills as they focus on balancing across the 2 inch wide slackline
  • Builds self-confidence as kids build core strength and improve their balance
  • Perfect addition to any play area to encourage active play and keep kids engaged  
  • For ages 3+
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The perfect addition to any indoor or outdoor active play area! This expandable and portable slackline is a helpful activity to help kids aged 3 and up learn how to balance. 

Kids will gain self-confidence and excitement after mastering the walk across each section without falling off of the Quad Blox slackline! As kids continue to build strength, they will improve their body control, concentration and gain greater self-confidence.

Multiple designs and layouts can be created with additional slacklines, or add other Playzone-fit products to create a custom active play zone! 



PLZ.602: Playzone-fit Quad Blox