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30" Adventure Sky Swing

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  • Vibrant colored swing inspired by modern design
  • Available in 3 sizes, each with a custom design: 50”, 40” and 30”
  • Perfect for children or individual adults
  • Ropes can be hung from two individual attachment points for forward/backward swinging motion or joined at a single attachment point for multi-direction swinging motion
  • Swing includes:
    • UV Resistant fabric cover
    • Steel ring with safety foam wrap
    • Forged steel rings
    • Hanging carabiners
  • Set up takes 10 minutes
  • Order with a b4A tree hangar or b4A ceiling hardware (sold separately) for an easy way to hang!

  • Ages 3+
More Info

This is the swing kids of all ages will want to use for hours of fresh air under their favorite tree in the yard! Read a book, do a crossword puzzle, meditate or just take in the fresh air on these vibrant, lightweight swings made from UV resistant material. It is the perfect addition to your backyard to add a pop of color and a spot for multiple kids to sit together and plan their next adventure!

The Adventure Sky Swing is available in 3 sizes, each with a custom design: 50”, 40” and 30”. The swings include a fabric cover, steel ring with safety foam wrap, weather-resistant durable ropes, forged steel rings and hanging carabiners. Or you can order with our tree hanger for an easier way to hang it from a sturdy tree branch or existing play structure outside, or from an interior ceiling!

**Always consult an arborist to determine the integrity of your tree. 

**Always use a stud finder and consult a contractor to determine if studs are suitable to support the weight of the swing and rider.

**Always take swing down when outside play season ends or during inclement weather.

Specs + Material
  • Steel tube encased in foam lining covered with teslin/420D nylon.
  • 8 foot polyethylene coated, durable rope
  • Steel carabiners and rings
  • UV Resistant fabric cover

B4A.167LN: Adventure Sky Swing