Ninjaline™ Ninja Monkey Bars Obstacle

SKU: SLA.794

Regular price $19.99

Ninja Monkey Bars Features:

    • One of the easiest to grip Ninjaline holds, a great introductory obstacle

    • Swing, slide across or jump off

    • Compatible with 36' or 56' Ninjaline

    • Promotes Upper Body Strength and Agility

  • Can be attached to single point or multiple anchors for different challenges

This set of 2 Wooden Ninja Bars are a versatile obstacle that kids love! They can be attached to a single point or to multiple anchors for different challenges. Easy to grip, place hand over hand across the bar to the next hanging activity, swing across or even swing out and jump off. Endorsing upper body strength and agility, Ninja Bars are the perfect obstacle for additional fun and excitement on your Ninjaline. Designed to be used with Ninjaline Intro or Pro kits; each Sold Separately. For Ages 5+


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