Playzone-fit Deluxe Stepping Stones

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Deluxe Stepping Stones Features
    • Set of 6 colorful stones for endless jumping and hopping fun for toddlers and young children
    • Stepping Stones include 2 small stones, 2 large stones and 2 extra large stones
    • Lightweight, and easy to set up and move around for a variety of paths
    • Using the Stepping Stones uses core strength and builds self-confidence as children balance their way across the path
    • Stepping Stones can be arranged indoors or outdoors
    • Each stone stacks for easy storage
    • Easy to set up and use alongside other Playzone items for unique active play course
    • Ages 3+
More Info

The Stepping Stones provide endless opportunities for paths of balance and fun. These lightweight, yet durable Stepping Stones are easy to set up and move around so kids can create a variety of stone paths themselves and get creative! This deluxe version of the original Stepping Stones comes with additional fun and even more of a challenge with an extra stone and three different sizes!

The three different heights of stones provide a slight challenge to move up and down while keeping their balance. These multiple sizes encourage stacking and organizing that enhance thinking and imagination! 

Stepping Stones build body control, motor skills and help develop concentration skills as different paths are created and mastered!

Specs + Materials
  • Set includes:
    •  2 stones 8H x 13.5W x 6D inches
    •  2 stones 5.5H x 12W x 6D inches
    •  2 stones 2H x 7.25W x 6D inches
  • Each Stone is lined with a rubber bottom to prevent sliding on any surface
  • Colors included: red, green, yellow, blue, orange and purple
  • Max Weight: 175 LBS
  • Ages 3+