Slackers Ninja Cargo Net

Cargo Net Features:
  • Please note this is a Ninjaline accessory, the Ninjaline is sold separately.
  • Please note that the anchor line is not meant to be stood on or walked on.
  • 4' x 7'’ foot cargo net
  • Comes with anchor line for added stability and easier climbing
  • Polyester webbing strap with nylon double stitching
  • Compatible with 36' or 56' Ninjaline. Note anchor line only fits with 36' Ninjaline
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Climbers can rejoice with the 4'w x 7'l cargo net, which attaches to the Ninjaline to create a variety of obstacles. Includes Heavy Duty Cargo Net made of RED polyester webbing strap with nylon double stitching, 4 Delta carabiners and 36' anchor line. Anchor line adds stability at the base but can be removed for additional difficulty. Ninjaline sold separately.

More Info

Instruction Manual: SLA.801R

What's in the box?
  • 4' x 7'’ foot cargo net
  • 4 Delta carabiner clips for attachment to Slackers Ninjaline
  • 36' anchor line