Plum® Wooden Teepee Hideaway

Wooden Teepee Hideaway Features
  • Made from sustainably sourced FSC® certified timber – kind to the planet  
  • Easy assembly – simple to lay floor and pre-assembled panels 
  • A fabric door - velcro’s shut to create a cozy corner 
  • Comes as a natural blank canvas for little designers to customize 
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Who will you be and where will you go today? The Plum® Great Wooden Teepee Hideaway is a little garden haven for den lovers. Plum® outdoor playhouses encourage active and imaginative ways to play.  

Find a shaded spot in the yard on a sunny afternoon, hide away and make a secret den with friends. Children can take shelter and get cozy between a mound of cushions as they read, relax and let the day go by. Mom and Dad can join in too! With the Plum® Great Wooden Teepee the whole family can camp out in the yard. 

Add your stamp. Plum® Teepees are a blank canvas for little imaginations. Made from sustainably sourced FCS® wood, playhouses can be kept neutral or children can paint, stencil and create a unique clubhouse. A Plum® Teepee will be the center of adventure in the yard providing an ideal space for creative play. 

Specs + Materials 
  • Made from sustainably sourced FSC® certified timber 
  • A fabric door

Warning: All wood needs to be sanded and treated with sealant before installation.

What's in the box?
  • All wood for teepee frame
  • Hardware

PLM.008: Plum Wooden Teepee Hideaway 

See it in action!