Slackers Ninjaline Grip Clips (Set of 6)

Grip Clips Features:
  • Add more Ninjaline obstacles: Add our exclusive Slackers Ninja Grip Clips to any of our Slackers Ninjalines to create even more obstacle attachments
  • Set of 6 Ninja Grip Clips: made of heavy duty Nylon material with ridge technology means they won't move when in use
  • Simply slacken the line to move them closer together or further apart depending on your skill level
  • Exclusive delta carabiner divot means the carabiner can pivot, but will not move across the line
  • Add extra obstacles to our patented Slackers Ninja Line, such as the Slackers Ninja Wheel.
More Info

Set up additional obstacles on any Ninjaline! Perfect for longer course setups or when used with an extension. Adult supervision and setup required, Ages 5+.