Slackers Top 5 Products of 2019!

This popular kit is the perfect starter course for ninjas in training to keep kids active for hours. The obstacles can be rearranged to create as many patterns as you'd like!
Obstacles in this starter kit include:
- Three (3) 10" nylon rope knots
- Two (2) 16" Monkey Bar Holds
- Two (2) steel gym rings
- Two (2) Traverse Ninja Rings
The Climbing Ladder adds fun and versatility to the Ninjaline hanging obstacle course! It builds coordination, balance, and strength, all while allowing easy transition onto the line. The ladder is made of high performance polyethylene rope and the loop attachment goes around any tree or Ninjaline with no hardware needed! 
Spin and turn on this Ninja wheel! The 14-inch diameter powder coated blue steel ring creates a dynamic obstacle to add to our Ninjaline. Comes with one wheel, a 10-inch heavy duty nylon rope and a safety delta carabiner. 
This easy to assemble zipline kit adds excitement to any backyard as the sun goes down and the LED lit trolley seat glows as kids ride from one end of the yard to other!
Kids can spin the day away with this exciting obstacle that can be used as a Ninjaline accessory or connected to a healthy tree. You won’t believe the spinning power when kids just hang on to the handle and give a little twist!