Ninjaline Accessories Explained

Build your own Ninja Obstacle Course with the Ninjaline and the multiple accessories that can go with it!  Here's a rundown of the accessories we offer.  A great thing about the Ninjaline is the limitless possibilities for creating a unique obstacle course.  Set up your obstacles in any order you can imagine, and rearrange them with time to keep your course stimulating!

Also worth mentioning is that our Slacklines can be set up near the ground directly below the Ninjaline course for more novel users to rest their feet on as they traverse.

Ninjaline Gym Rings Obstacle (SLA.800)

Fun and challenging obstacle for building upper body and grip strength!  Each Set comes with 2 rings which can be placed next to each other for pull up and swinging fun, or at different points on your Ninjaline as a challenging way to traverse from one obstacle to the next.

Ninjaline Ninja Wheel Obstacle (SLA.803)

Dynamic obstacle for swinging, spinning and turning!  Includes 10'' heavy duty nylon rope and is great for building upper body and grip strength as well as learning to use the body to generate motion in different directions.

Ninjaline Ninja Monkey Bars Obstacle (SLA.794)

Great introductory obstacle!  One of the easiest obstacles to grip, great for the beginning point of your Ninjaline!  Each set comes with 2 wooden bars and nylon ropes that can be attached to a single point on the Ninjaline or different points for an added challenge.  Place the bars next to each other or at different points on the line. Pull up, swing, practice placing hand over hand to traverse, or jump off at the end.  The possibilities are endless! 

Ninja 8' Climbing Rope Obstacle With Foot Holds (SLA.791M)

Can be hung from Ninjaline, a swing set or a tree branch.  Fun way to build confidence and improve whole body strength!  Includes 4 sturdy plastic climbing holds with center indentations making for easy gripping.  Rope is polyethylene to reduce effects of the elements.  Attach to the beginning or end of your Ninjaline as a challenging method to begin or end your course.  Place multiple Climbing ropes in a row or stagger them as a fun, strengthening way to traverse your course.  Climbing rope can also be used with our tree hanger (sold separately) to hang from sturdy tree branches.

Ninjaline Twister (SLA.840)

Can be hung from Ninjaline, a swing set or a tree branch.  Spin and twist in the air!  Another fun challenge for building upper body strength and learning to use the body to generate motion.  Includes adjustable rope and can also be used to swing from one obstacle to the next on your Ninjaline!

Ninja 8' Climbing Ladder (SLA.790)

Can be hung from Ninjaline, a swing set or a tree branch.  Great introductory obstacle for improving whole body strength as well as balance.  Makes for an easy beginning or end to your Ninjaline course.  Can also be staggered or set up in sequence like the climbing rope for a fun way to swing and catch your way across your course!  Use with our tree hanger (sold seperately) to hang from sturdy tree branches.

Ninjaline Ninja Rickety Bridge (SLA.835)

New challenging "tunnel play pattern" creates a mental challenge to navigate and balance through the bridge to successfully complete the course.  Features adjustable steel bars for different skill levels.  Mimicking the challenge of a "broken bridge" in play pattern, the rickety bridge builds upon balance and focus while giving a break to the upper body use required of most other obstacles.  Add multiple bridges across your Ninjaline for an added challenge.  Hold on to the rope at the top for additional stability or the ropes on each side for added challenge.

Ninjaline Ninja Fists Obstacle (SLA.795)

Great for building strength in forearms individually and learning to support body weight with one arm!  Each set comes with 2 that can be placed next to each other or at different points on the Ninjaline for an added challenge of swinging/hanging by one arm!  Soft, unique knot mimics a ball for easy gripping.

Ninjaline Traverse Ninja Rings (SLA.825)

Offers a unique lateral shimmying motion for traversing down your Ninjaline.  Use on any part of a Ninjaline that doesn't have other accessories attached.  Each set comes with 2 rings.

Ninja Cargo Net (SLA.801R)

4'x7" cargo net that attaches to the Ninjaline and features an anchor line for increased stability and easier climbing.  Made of polyester with nylon double stitching for fun and safe full body exercise when traversing your Ninjaline!

Ninjaline Climbers Ladder (SLA.834)

Fun 8' climbing ladder! Attaches to the Ninjaline and can be used to begin or end the course similar to the climbing rope.  Also great for swinging from one obstacle to the next to traverse the course.  Can also be attached to a sturdy tree branch with our Tree Hangars (sold separately) for climbing fun all by itself!

Ninjaline Bachar Ladder (SLA.833)

Colorful training tool that attaches to a sturdy tree branch or Ninjaline! Can be attached at either end of the Ninjaline as well as to the base of the adjacent tree for ease of entry on to or exit from the course.  Typically hung at an overreaching angle of 20-45 degrees and swings slightly when climbed; a great method for building core strength to maintain stability!  Made of 6 sturdy poly carbonate tubes attached to 15' PE UV resistant rope.     

Ninjaline 8" Pipe (SLA.799)

Set comes with 2 8" pipes.  The most challenging method on offer for building forearm strength and learning to swing from obstacle to obstacle!  

Ninjaline 4" Cone (SLA.793)

Set comes with 2 4" cones.  Another challenging way to build forearm strength and traverse your Ninjaline course!

Slackers Tree Climbers (SLA.822)

Unique and dynamic obstacle that can be used in conjunction with or independently of the Ninjaline!  Climb up the trunk of the tree supporting the Ninjaline and easily transition over.  Each set comes with 6 bases with ratchet straps and 4 climbing holds (bottom two bases are foot holds).  Ratchet system allow for easy installation and adjustment for kids as they grow or even adults!  Great method for building strength and confidence as well as being introduced to the vast world of bouldering!  Also a great choice for kids to be able to climb their favorite trees.

Slackers Ninja Spinner Wheel (SLA.803SP)

Similar obstacle to the Ninja Wheel except fitted with bearings to allow for more spinning fun!  Excellent obstacle to practice using the body to generate motion in the air.