New York Magazine Experts List Slackers Ninjaline Among Best Outdoor Toys

"Upon looking at this obstacle course — with nylon ropes, gymnastics rings, monkey-bar holds — “you might think of skills like strength and coordination,” says Plinkit’s Hirsch. “But we look at it and think about cognitive skills like persistence and resilience.” Parents can design and redesign the course in all kinds of ways, including those that are best suited to their kids’ age and ability (it’s recommended for those as young as 6), but then again, the fact that they likely won’t be able to master it at first is part of the point: “The NinjaLine is a great way of teaching simple life lessons like falling and getting back up,” says Hirsch. “Redesign it and provide new opportunities for cognitive flexibility.” The maximum weight rating for the Slackers NinjaLine is 250 pounds, so multiple adults can get involved too."

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