b4Adventure Recognized With 3 Creative Child Awards

Creative Child is a national parenting magazine that provides resources on a monthly basis for parents seeking to nurture and expand their child's creativity. Creative Child looks for originality and spontaneity in products that allow children to explore and discover what creativity means to them. The awards program is unique in that all products are reviewed by moms, educators and professionals - AKA the very consumers that purchase these products!

In the 2020 Creative Child Awards Competition, b4Adventure was recognized across 3 different categories for not one, but two products!

In order to be sealed with a Creative Child Award, a product must exceed expectations for nurturing creativity and education in children and families. These awards can be seen as a distinguishing mark of desirability and - did we mention? The moms and the educators are the judges!

Our Winners

The 2020 Seals awarded to b4Adventure were for 4Fun’s Cosmic Glow Golf and Slackers’s Ninjaline Intro Kit. The Cosmic Glow Golf was awarded both 2020 Game of the Year and 2020 Creative Play of the Year while the Ninjaline Intro Kit was awarded 2020 Kids Product of the Year! We are so excited to be recognized in these categories.. but what do the awards stand for?

4Fun Deluxe Cosmic Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

 2020 Game of the Year was award to the Cosmic Glow Golf for being the best active play game for kids! The judges backed up their selection with comments like "Well made, easy to assemble and so much fun!" and "I love that you can be creative and set up the obstacles different ways. Each game can be different and so much fun!". 2020 Creative Game of the Year is awarded to innovative games that stem from new and creative ideas. One mom said "I love how all of the pieces glow under the black lights. I highly recommend this game. It is so much fun!". One of the greatest features of this set is that it can be set up indoor or outdoor and be used in the light or the dark! So many different styles of game play!

Slackers Ninjaline Intro Kit

Last but not least, the Slackers Ninjaline Intro Kit was noticed as 2020 Kids Product of the Year for being the best outdoor action play toy! Comments were made that described the kit as a great way to bring families together, excellent quality, and a great way to stay active and get some wonderful outdoor time! 

This Kit comes in two lenghts: The 36' Ninjaline Intro Kit and the 56' Ninjaline Intro Kit. Be sure to measure your course before purchasing your line so you can make use of all of the space between your trees! If you're looking to level up from the intro kits, take a look at our extreme kits! Each of the 36' Extreme Kit and 56' Extreme Kit come with the intro kit as well as all of the most popular add on obstacles - the wheel, climbing rope and tree climbers!

Thank you!

We are so honored and appreciative to have been recognized by families under such exciting categories. We will carry these seals with pride and cannot wait to share more with our friends and fans about all of the fun and adventurous toys and games to come from the b4Adventure family of brands!