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Trampoline Bounce Boards: Reinvent the Way You Bounce

With the continuing rise of action sports such as gymnastics, ninja, snowboarding, skateboarding and more, the ways in which kids train, practice and learn are expanding. Coaches, athletes and parents alike are being drawn in by opportunities that provide a safe space to truly push the boundaries of safety and skill set. With so many trampoline parks, foam pits, virtual reality, simulation experiences and more, children are able to get comfortable trying a new trick or skill with a lessened worry of injuring themselves. 

Once they are able to master a move within the comfort of training, they can truly bring their best game when it comes time to compete. The time will come to “wow” the spectators with their confidence showing through increasingly bold and difficult routines. 

15 Benefits Trees Have on Our Environment

As you may already know, Slackers has partnered with American Forests(AF) to launch a tree planting program called Play to Plant. We decided to take our love for the outdoors up a notch and instead of just enjoying nature, we wanted to give back too! 

What impact are we making as we work with AF to plant these trees? Aside from being beautiful to admire, there are an endless amount of benefits that trees provide for our planet, our health, our environment and even our wallets! 

In no specific order, here is a breakdown of 15 benefits that trees have on our environment as well as some insight into the impact that Slackers Play to Plant is going to have!

Q+A: Getting to Know Tales of a Mountain Mama

We had the opportunity to chat with Amelia, the owner and main mama over at Tales of Mountain Mama. She runs a blog that shares all the goodness you could imagine about spending time with your family in the outdoors. Her and her team of fellow outdoor mamas are experts in the art of adventuring with kids in tow and they share all of the do's and don'ts, and tips and tricks at You MUST check them out! 

How to Build Kids Core Strength and Why It's Important

A strong core and healthy posture goes hand in hand with proper balancing techniques. Without one, we cannot have the other! In order to help youngsters attain a healthy posture and strong core, we must encourage different balancing activities. 

10 Activities To Add Adventure To Your Holiday Gathering

Let the holidays this year be the start to amazing traditions and memories when you add some excitement and adventure with one of these games and activities! Take a look at this range of options from games, to obstacle courses, to real adventure gear and find the perfect way for your crew to have some fun and make memories!

From Classrooms To Couches – Incorporating P.E While Homeschooling

While many parents and teachers have become familiar with the unique challenges brought on by distance learning, it is important for us to remember that this quick shift from classrooms to couches and kitchen tables has also been a difficult adjustment for younger kids. Learning to communicate through a computer screen, more independent studying, and a lack of social interaction all bring on unnecessary levels of stress and anxiety for students. What if there was a fun way around these road blocks that not only improved the quality of your children’s homeschool experience, but even help take some of the pressure off of parents and teachers? We have a few ideas to help you and your family, and they all center around two letters.. P.E.! 

15 Outdoor Family Activities During Social Distancing

While our day to day lives have decreased the social outings we have, we cannot forget to make sure we are out moving and getting that FRESH AIR! Here are 5 direct quotes from medical professionals about ways fresh air will benefit you and your family as we continue to think about how to improve our immune systems

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