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Q. We'd like to set up a separate line near the base of our trees/posts for feet to rest on when using the Ninjaline.  What do you recommend?

A. One of our Slacklines would be best for this type of set up.  The Slacklines are made of the same material and feature the same ratchet system as the Ninjalines for ease of installation and adjustment.  We also offer our ropes course, which is the only kit that includes both a top and bottom line.

Q. What length Zipline/Ninjaline/Slackline should I buy and how is this determined?

A. You'll need to measure the circumference of both trees in your set up and add that to the distance between the two trees.  You always want to purchase more line/cable than necessary as you can ratchet the slack out of the line.  In the case of Zipline cable, you can cut off the excess cable you're left with or wrap it around the tree should you need more cable to set it up in the future with trees that are more spaced apart.

Q. What if I have larger diameter trees that eat into the course length of my Ninjaline or Slackline?

A. We offer a 10' ratchet strap (SLA.818) or a 15' ratchet extension (SLA.807) that can attach to the ratchet end of the Ninjaline/Slackline to increase the total length of the course.  Please note that only one extension can be made per individual Ninjaline/Slackline.

Q.  Zipline turnbuckle: How does it get installed and what end of the Zipline does it attach to?

A.  The turnbuckle is a more recent addition to select Ziplines.  It has been thoroughly tested to work at both ends of the line.  To install the turnbuckle, simply attach one eye bolt to one of the looped ends of the Zipline cable (either the pre-looped end or the loop that was made from the u-bolts.  Then, attach the other eye bolt end of the turnbuckle to the 2 loops from the sling cable that wraps around the opposite tree.  Twist the turnbuckle to fine-tune the overall tightness of the Zipline course as well as adjust for stretching of the cable that will occur over time.

Q. Can the Ninjaline be set up indoors in a garage or basement?

 A. Yes, however, we recommend consulting with an engineer or contractor to determine the "side load" strength of your two points of attachment. 

Q. What is the difference between the Slackline and Ninjaline?

A. Though the Slackline and Ninjaline are both made of the same material and feature the same ratchet system to attach to trees or posts, that's where the similarities end.  The Slackline is designed to be mounted near the ground for the purpose of balancing on as one walks accross.  The Ninjaline is meant to be mounted higher up off the ground and features integrated pockets designed to fit the "grip clips" which are used to attach the Ninja obstacles.  If you are looking to create a Ninja obstacle course, we recommend purchasing the Ninjaline because of the integrated obstacle pockets.

Q. I received a damaged/broken product or I am missing parts for my product.  What actions can I take to resolve this?

A. Please send an email with pictures of the damaged/broken items or a list of missing parts to  Please be sure to include your proof of purchase and shipping address in the email.  We will send replacements out when we receive this information.

Q. What does the product warranty entail?

A. Our products come with a 1 year workmanship warranty.  Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or element damage (i.e. leaving product set up outside all the time).  If you receive a defective product, please send an email with pictures and your proof of purchase to and we will look into it further.