Adventure Hacks + How To's

How To Play Kickball

Are you getting geared up for a field day, birthday party or just a friendly game with your crew? Kickball is your go to! 

The rules are simple, the set-up is even simpler and great memories are bound to be made! You don’t need much to set up the playing field, and we have made it even easier for you by creating this Ultimate Kickball Kit! 

Kidtrix Tips and How To's

You may have found yourself here looking for help on how to properly install your brand new Playzone-fit Kidtrix Doorway Swing or, maybe you landed here as you are doing your research on the item before purchasing. Either way, you’re in the right place! This new and exciting item has taken off quite quickly since it first launched in 2020 and has worked wonders in homes everywhere for families looking for a way to keep kids active and entertained while stuck inside!  

How To Set Up A Ninjaline Without Trees

For anyone trying to set up their Ninjaline without trees, we break down all of the tools you will need as well as why it can be more beneficial than using trees. So call your contractor and grab a Ninjaline!

How To Build Your Own At Home Climbing Gym

Those little ones; they love to climb on just about anything: furniture, trees, mom, dad, pets – you name it, they’ll climb it. What better way to get that energy out than on a real, at home, rock climbing wall! Slackers is here to save the day and encourage our future outdoor enthusiasts to do what they do best --climb to new heights 

Our Slackers Rock Climbing Kit is complete with the climbing holds and rope holds to assemble your very own at home climbing gym! You can build the wall indoors or outdoors and be as creative as you want! 

Build-A-Branch Tips, Tricks, and How To's

Slackers Build-A-Branch allows you to take any healthy tree- branches or no branches- and turn it into a swing tree! Read about the best way to use this swing installation kit and how to make sure you get the best use out of it.

How to Care for Your Backyard Zipline

Once you purchase your backyard zipline, make sure you understand how to best care for the gear in order to get the most use out of it from season to season!

Ninjaline Accessories Explained

Build your own Ninja Obstacle Course with the Ninjaline and the multiple accessories that can go with it! Here's a rundown of the accessories we offer.  

How to Easily Install Your Zipline Course

How To Plan Your Ninja Course