2021 Creative Child Game of the Year Goes to the 4fun Wacky Race Set

In the 2021 awards competition, b4Adventure family of brands was recognized and awarded in 4 different categories, which included one award for our newest brand, 4Fun. 4Fun is a collection of games for family and friends. Most of the games can be played indoor or outdoor, making them great for parties, to take to the beach, camping or even just every day use in your free time!

4Fun Wins Creative Child Award in 2 Categories

The Cosmic Glow Golf was awarded both 2020 Game of the Year and 2020 Creative Play of the Year.

2020 Game of the Year was award to the Cosmic Glow Golf for being the best active play game for kids! The judges backed up their selection with comments like "Well made, easy to assemble and so much fun!" and "I love that you can be creative and set up the obstacles different ways. Each game can be different and so much fun!". 

2020 Creative Game of the Year is awarded to innovative games that stem from new and creative ideas. One mom said "I love how all of the pieces glow under the black lights. I highly recommend this game. It is so much fun!". One of the greatest features of this set is that it can be set up indoor or outdoor and be used in the light or the dark! So many different styles of game play!

How To Play Kickball

Are you getting geared up for a field day, birthday party or just a friendly game with your crew? Kickball is your go to! 

The rules are simple, the set-up is even simpler and great memories are bound to be made! You don’t need much to set up the playing field, and we have made it even easier for you by creating this Ultimate Kickball Kit! 

Cosmic Golf Listed as Fun & Entertaining Sports Toys for Kids by KTLA